Dog Full Groom Packages in Hoboken New Jersey

Located in Hoboken, New Jersey, Cozy Cuts offers full groom services for dogs of all shapes and sizes. We are eager to help your dog look and feel his or her best. Our experienced groomers are certified and have seven years of veterinary technician experience. Our family-owned-and-operated business provides a cozy, stress-free environment for both you and your pet.

What You Can Do
There are things you can do in between grooming appointments to help your furry family member feel better.

  • Brush your dog daily. Brushing removes dirt and pushes natural oils through your dog’s coat and can prevent matting.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth at least one a week.
  • Clean your dog’s ears routinely and look for any wax buildup.

What to Expect
At Cozy Cuts, we book appointments based on the breed and type of service requested. We work one-on-one with your dog. You will leave your dog with us for one-and-a-half to three hours so that we can get to know your dog and build a relationship with him or her. We take extensive notes about the coat, the haircut desired, and the dog’s demeanor as a reference for your next visit.

We offer flexible hours. If you have a favorite groomer, please request that person when scheduling your appointment.

The Dog Full Groom Package
Dogs enjoy a professional cut and style as much as we do. Most dogs should visit the groomer every six to eight weeks, depending on their coat. A regular grooming routine will keep your pet looking good and smelling great. It will also reduce shedding and matting.

Services offered include the following:

  • Bath
  • Cage-free drying (towel or blow drying)
  • Cut and style
  • Full body brushing
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth brushing
  • Bow or bandana

Our dog full groom package starts at $65. Prices vary based on the breed, size, and condition of the coat. Additional services are extra. For more information about the other services we offer, visit our Dog Bath Package page and Additional Services page.

Do you have more than just dogs in the family? Cozy Cuts of Hoboken, New Jersey also provides expert cat grooming and cat bathing packages.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 201-653-5173.